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    1. Be Healthy & Healthier with Smart Pillbox

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      Always On Time

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      Ultra smart pill reminder

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      Memo Health

      Award Winning Medication Reminder App


      "The coolest little med box I have ever seen or used, it tracks everything every time you open it, it lets you know when you missed it's unbelievable.”

      Frank M. ~ Kickstarter Backer

      "Very very happy with this, I bought one for me and a friend and we both cant live without it anymore, it has made taking my meds so much easier.”

      Noralie ~ Kickstarter Backer

      "So many times it has alerted I am leaving the apartment with pills behind. It has caught me at night not to forget. I am loving this item"

      Tim Sullivan ~ Kickstarter Backer

      “Small but mighty... it's the little things in life that make a difference”

      Katie Linendoll ~ NBC Today

      "This little pillbox fits in the palm of your hand, but it's got a much 'bigger' brain”

      Lulu Chang ~ Digital Trends
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