Memo Box 7 Day

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    Features :
    • Unforgettable Reminders?:?Sound and visual reminders on both pill box & app?
    • Super Flexible?:?Customize your pill reminders for different days and pills
    • Health Tracker?:?Pill box updates your intake right onto your app history
    • Double dose alert?:?Prevent accidental double-dosing with warning alert
    • Misplace Alert?:?Never leave home without your pills, catches you before you forget
    • Easily Findable?:?Never lose your pills,?ping to locate
    • Family Health?:?Look after your loved ones, tracking their intake in real time
    • One Month Battery Charge?:?Up to a month of usage with the smart energy saving algorithm?

    Memo Health :

    Winner of Reddot award and 'A Design award for app design. Yours, free for life.






    “Small but mighty... it's the little things in life that make a difference”

    Katie Linendoll ~ NBC Today


    "This little pillbox fits in the palm of your hand, but it's got a much 'bigger' brain”

    Lulu Chang ~ Digital Trends


    "So many times it has alerted I am leaving the apartment with pills behind. It has caught me at night not to forget. I am loving this item”?

    Tim Sullivan ~ Kickstarter Backer


    Meet?Memo Box 7 Day :





    What's in the box :


    Pillbox-Mini-7-Day-USB cable

    Specification :



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